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I started this blog to document techniques, describe experiments and foster communication – hopefully, constructive communication –  on the topic of outsourcing in journalism.  Why? Because American media are sinking fast in financial quicksand. Creative new business models must be tried which produce editorial content of high integrity but at lower cost. As publisher of a community website (www.PasadenaNow.com) I became convinced in early 2007 that I could serve my community much more completely and not go bankrupt if I were to innovate “collaborative journalistic” techniques with Indian writers. I am even more convinced today that this strategy, coupled with increasingly capable and cheap technology, can support hyperlocal journalism’s mission and even make it profitable.  I will go further. I suggest that this strategy could well save some publications from financial ruin and could, thereby, end up saving American jobs otherwise lost. This blog is dedicated to that proposition.

– James Macpherson

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